Check the library system website and digital resources. This is a big one. It’s a new digital age in information services, and academic libraries are on the cutting edge. From digital documents to ramped-up search engines, many library systems can help you find just about anything that can help you with your projects. And because a lot of libraries close at a certain hour—it’s vitally important to see what they offer online when you’re cranking out that term paper.

LABORATORIESThe college has developed labs for various subjects to provide students with the best exposure and practical training. Each lab is furnished with the latest equipment and machinery.  All the labs have been designed with a view to excel in research also along with the regular practical’s.

The College has a central laboratory with all the sophisticated instruments. Our students have worked successfully on FTIR, UV Spectrophotometer, HPLC, Fermenter, PCR, Flame Photometer, Colony Counter etc. for the regular practical and research work.