1. Formed Anti Ragging Committee component on senior faculty yet headed by Principal, in BFIT.
  2. Persons no longer only beside BFIT however additionally beyond circle areas (i.e. residents then leaders) are also will lie collaborating in Anti-Ragging Activities.
  3. Committee in BFIT has instituted steps then allotted duties in accordance with all the staff individuals at nearly whole areas within the BFIT  campus (i.e. canteen, parking places, specific blocks, apply grounds etc.) and secure that at least one college part pleasure stand current at any unique period at whole the places to keep away from ragging activities in BFIT.
  4. A committee has done precautions to avoid ragging activities at sordid places kind of bus stops or devoted directions or dummy student volunteers then lawful informers at more than a few boarding points.
  5. Wide canvassing touching anti-ragging, is being committed within the forms regarding Flexes, 6. Posters yet Boards of college, premises yet surrounding areas where so is a risk regarding ragging.
  6. Grievances & Redressal society is also done a share regarding this anti-ragging activities.
  7. Many cognizance programmes respecting Anti Ragging intention stay performed by Anti Ragging Committee among the form on meetings then PPTs in conformity with the greatest students, school & non-college personnel.