BFIT is really the best place to learn. The best avenue for meeting a lot of people from many different countries, to spend time with them, to share life experience and to learn many new things. It’s like reopening and refreshing your life and making it full of new feelings and opportunities. So, no doubt that the years spent here will be some of the best in my life.BFIT offered a highly challenging but equally stimulating environment for me to help change my career direction away from MBBS. Thanks to the excellent faculty, my very first encounter with my course invoked in my excitement and fascination for the field to such an extent that I ultimately decided to pursue a PhD.

Final examinations will soon come to an end, our life-long learning will last forever. Being a student of BFIT it has been an enduring investment, one that commenced before admission was assembled during my time at BFIT, and will flourish after graduation. I have learned and grown beyond my expectations. I am forever grateful!

The environment and learned academicians at BFIT gave me a solid academic foundation and skills for my current responsibilities. I am so certain that I would not have been able to step up to my current job and future promotion prospects without the Kalpana Chawla Scholarship I received, as well as the knowledge I gained from BFIT.

Learning and interacting with multinational students at BFIT was indispensable for me in pursuing a career in business management. I realize that BFIT has provided me with a lot of unique, useful and constructive experiences in my life and career.

I was very satisfied with the flexibility and variety of options available in choosing courses. There is a strong correlation between courses and they are well organized to focus on career objectives.

I have been able to improve my cross-cultural skills, which are required in global business, by interacting with various students from different countries in discussions and working with group members in-class meetings.

My main objective to study at BFIT was “to KNOW management”, In other words, “to earn management skills systematically” and “to gain insights on what essential problems are”. In that sense, at BFIT, MBA Program was truly satisfactory

My program provided me with a lot of knowledge about Information Technology from both the technical and business points of view and it perfectly met my needs. In addition, it was quite attractive that all classes were conducted in English because I needed further enhancement of my English ability.

I came to BFIT as I intended to diversify my thinking and then have the ability to point out current problems and recommend solutions with forceful logic. As I expected, BFIT is the best place, for I have learned a lot through brainstorming with students from India and a lot of countries. At BFIT, I became sensitive to the latest information and acquired an entrepreneurial spirit. Hereafter, my goal is to build a breakthrough business entrepreneurship.

The knowledge I got at BFIT and my living experience at Dehradun has contributed tremendously in my career path. My current job requires engagement with people from various states and working in a multi-cultural environment. The fact that BFIT has students from mostly all around the India and SAARC countries which helps students to learn and appreciate other cultures. For a student seeking to study in a dynamic international environment that also offers tranquillity, BFIT is a place to consider.

Obviously, the content of my specific courses at BFIT helped in preparing me for this career and my degree of Technical University also gave me a strong academic base from which to complete an MBA from the Uttrakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

Skills you will learn, working successfully with fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures, combining the best of competing for business approaches and strategies, and constantly adapting and achieving precisely from the diversity of our colleagues are rare. That is the unique competitive advantage that BFIT confers to all its graduates.