Living in student accommodation is great fun and an ideal opportunity to make both good friends and, undoubtedly, unforgettable memories.

Students new to the city normally look for somewhere affordable, comfortable and within easy travelling distance of the Institute. We have approximately 1200 bed spaces on offer to our students in our self-catering In Campus accommodation separate for boys and girls, which are typically arranged in rooms grouped together on separate sites. Students have their own bedroom and attached shower/toilet with approximately all rooms having access to the Institute’s internet service. Students therefore have daily contact with the people in their own room and in the other room situated on the same site. This provides the ideal environment for arranging entertainment, while the bedrooms provide privacy and an area in which to study and relax. If a student has a particular request or requirement, they will have an opportunity to provide information on their accommodation application.
Residences staff are happy to help to give advice on room types and availability.

Accommodation Categories:
Note: Students are required to pay the hostel fee and other charges for each year of their stay. Hostel fees are set annually, at the time of going to press the hostel fees for students starting in July .Next year fee date are published on fee chart, please read carefully and accept.
In-house Residential Accommodation Charges (Note: Hostel charges is per year which includes Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Food)
• Deluxe Quad (Four Sharing Room) with Attached Toilet – Rs.65000/- per Year
• Deluxe (Two Sharing Room) with Attached Toilet – Rs.85000/- per Year
• Executive Room (FOUR SHARING Room) with LCD +Tata Sky + Attached Toilet – Rs.75000/- per Year
• Executive Room (TWO SHARING Room) with LCD +Tata Sky + Attached Toilet – Rs.95000/- per Year
• Executive Room with A.C. + LCD +Tata Sky + Attached Toilet – Rs.120000/- per Year
Hostel Enrollment Fee – Rs.3000/- (To be paid Once)
Hostel Furnishing Fee – Rs.3000/- (To be paid Once)
Hostel Security – Rs.3000/- (To be paid Once)
Laundry Charges – Rs.4800/- per Year ( Rs.400/- per month)

Allocation policy:
When allocating accommodation the Institute gives priority to first entrants to the Institution and to outside students who are new to Dehradun. A student may state their accommodation preference, but whilst we will make every effort to match any preference, availability means that this cannot be guaranteed. It is essential that any special needs and/or requirements are entered on the application form. We also keep a number of bed spaces for students studying with the Institute for minimum one year. Please email the residences office if you would like to find out more about options for students studying for complete period of education at BFIT. Applications can be considered from students who are prepared to accept the terms of the lease for their full period of study in the relevant academic complete duration of course. This is a legally binding agreement and students should not accept the terms without fully understanding their meaning.
Students looking for private accommodation outside campus can find information through admission cell if any availability at that time. BFIT doesn’t take binding for allocating accommodation inside or outside campus, it solely depends on availability on the date if not reserved well in time.

Married students or students with partners and families:
The Institute has no room or accommodation for couples who wish to live in Institute accommodation for the duration of their studies. The Residences Officers are happy to give advice on finding suitable accommodation in local authority housing for students on coming to Dehradun with their families.

How to apply for a room in a Residence
The Residences application process is now available online you can fill the online hostel application form Click Here For Hostel Form
You can be accessed through the applicant’s portal on the Institute.
Access to the portal will become available within 24hrs from the applicant accepting provisional admission offer from the Institute. Paper applications for accommodation are also available upon request.

Living in private rented flats
Not all students want to move into a halls of residence, so to help those who would rather share a private flat with friends or be on their own, we don’t offer any short list of private landlords but still we can help a starting point to finding private accommodation.