Studying for a degree is an investment in your future and your degree can lead to more rewarding or better paid jobs. As the job market becomes more competitive, you will want to make sure that you leave Institution fully equipped to enter your chosen career. BFIT prepares graduates for their future careers not only through Government degree and diploma, but also through further opportunities for development that can expand your horizons.
We design our curriculum specifically to give you plenty of opportunity to develop your confidence, skills and experience. You can add to your CV through practical work-based learning, study opportunities, professional linkages, as well as participation in competitions and debates.

There is no doubt that having a degree will open doors to the world of graduate opportunities but now employers are looking for much more than just a degree. To compete effectively you will have to develop real skills and experience during your time at Institution.

Employers are looking for people who stand out from the crowd. They want graduates who have real life skills that can be applied to their organizations. Examples of the most popular skills on employers’ shopping lists include:
1. Willingness to learn
2. Self motivation
3. Team work
4. Communication skills
Not only do you need these skills, but also and most importantly, you must be able to demonstrate that you have them.

Studying at BFIT
While you are at the Institution you will learn many essential skills – how to manage and organize information, communication skills, presentation skills public speaking. All these skills are reflected in our Institution Graduate Attributes.

Relevant work experience
It is essential to try to gain some experience that go hand in hand  with your career plans. Some courses have integrated work placements but if this is not the case for your course then you must try to organize it yourself. There are several organizations that can help you to do this but you must make plans early as there is a lot of competition for these opportunities. The Institution Planning and Placement Centre can give you all the advice and help you will need to find out information about what is available.

Being involved
There are so many opportunities to become involved in Institute life of BFIT. Joining clubs and student societies gives you another dimension to your student life. Of course many of you will have long-term interests, which will also help in developing these skills.

Principal’s Award
The Institute has developed a Kalpana Chawla academic excellence award, that recognizes the skills one is developing in all aspects of his Institute life. The Award will help one gain confidence and  demonstrate these skills to potential employers, and will give a record of your work related learning that you can use as evidence for future applications. The award is targeted mainly at final year students

Our Placement and Planning Cell advertises job vacancies to help one find job prospects after passing out. The Centre can also provide advice and guidance with writing CVs,  job applications and practicing for interviews. The Centre also organizes employer visits and presentations, and has an information library.
BFIT provides all the necessary facilities to recruiters for their placement drives at the campus.

Where can I get help?
Our Placement and Planning Center is staffed by people who are there to help you make decisions about your future career. Take advantages of what they have to offer during your time at BFIT. Help can be take in the form of:
1. CV and interview advice
2. Identifying suitable employers
3. Job hunting skills
4. Access to vacancies and other work experience opportunities

“There’s no such thing as a career path. It’s crazy paving and you have to lay it yourself”!

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