BFIT Dehradun has large auditoriums to encourage the implementation of global, country-level and other University events. Likewise- conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, placement programmes and cultural events. Auditorium has a magnitude of 850 people at a time.

It is midway air-conditioned and equaled with refulgent lights, good sound properties, audiovisual aids such as microphones, audio/video recording, video playback, slide projector, inkling light system, audio/video feeds for camera corps, take back facility, additional take back, headsets, Lights Sound and visual Systems, etc. Auditorium caters to multiple facilities such as meetings of students & faculty members, convocations, presentations, guest lectures, cultural activities, celebrations, functions, gatherings, Seminars, Lecture series, Workshops, Adequate Training Facilities and other department level functions are held here.

These auditoriums also serve the purpose to accommodate large groups of students and lecture theatre seating facilities. It inculcates State-of-the-art high end equipment for college fest and inter-university competitions.