Theory without the backup of hands-on experience is incomplete, we at BFIT offer our laboratory equipped with the latest tools and equipment to our students, so that they can make use of the theoretical knowledge gained.

We have laboratories for Hotel Management, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Food technology, Agriculture amongst other subjects.


In the laboratory we have the following:

• 2 Fire Extinguishers
• Special coats and gloves for all students
• Laboratory assistant to observe and assist students
• Capacity of 30-35 students/ batch
• 2 Ambulances
• Tie up with major Hospitals

For Hotel Management students, we have a Food and Beverage production and Food and Beverage service lab designed to provide a live hotel environment to our students, thereby getting a on the job feel.

For the diploma students, the college has a central workshop to give the practical feel and much required experience of Carpentry, Fitting, Welding, Material testing, Electronics and other workshops.

Our College has an MOU signed in place with Industries, Hotels and Institutions to give a practical edge to the learning and to gain the due recognition and placements.